NeuroDiagnostic Consultants sets the standard of excellence for training, consulting, and professional services in Neurodiagnostics and IONM.

Based in Marietta, Georgia, we have helped many health care facilities implement and expand their IONM and neurodiagnostic programs. Our experienced leadership and team of board-certified staff has monitored and consulted on more than 10,000 surgeries.

neurodiagnostics, IONM and medical consulting

Philip Smothers, CNIM, R. EEG T.

surgical neurophysiologist, intraoperative monitoring


Founder and president Philip Smothers, CNIM, R. EEG T., has two decades of experience in neurodiagnostics, IONM, and medical consulting. He has guided hundreds of staff to registry or certification, and has designed and taught dozens of curricula on clinical neurodiagnostics and IONM.

Before founding NeuroDiagnostic Consultants in 2008, Mr. Smothers successfully served as administrator, primary instructor, and director of clinical education for three organizations.

NeuroDiagnostics co-founder and vice president Debra Smothers, MCN, CNIM, is a surgical neurophysiologist who also holds a master’s degree in clinical neuroscience with an emphasis on intraoperative monitoring.

Our chief interpreting physician is Julian A. Bragg, MD, PhD. Dr. Bragg is a board-certified neurologist who is fellowship-trained in neuromuscular disorders and holds a PhD in bioengineering.


Safe, effective IONM demands specialized knowledge. But a lack of regulation in the United States means that some outsourcing companies cut corners, using untrained or undertrained staff to perform neurophysiologic monitoring of complex neural surgeries.

Such practices can lead to severe outcomes -- including sensory neuropathies, limb paralysis, quadriplegia, spinal cord injury, cranial nerve injuries, and devastating cortical and brainstem strokes.

At NeuroDiagnostic Consultants, patient safety comes first. All our team members who monitor cases are board-certified and professionally trained in IONM. Most also hold advanced health care degrees or additional registries from the American Board of Registration of Electroencephalographic and Evoked Potential Technologists (ABRET).


Debra Smothers, MCN, CNIM

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